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Macke Fitness understands that making effective and sustainable improvements to your health and lifestyle can be difficult to tackle on your own.  We are committed to helping you achieve your goals by coaching you every step of the way.  We recognize that you are a unique individual and that your needs, interests, limitations and tolerances to exercise will not be the same as the next person.  Macke Fitness understands force application and how it can help the musculoskeletal system.  As a result, we are meticulous with our execution and focus on micro-progression, while working towards an ultimate goal. Macke Fitness will set you up for success by designing and coaching you through a personal training experience like no other.

Meet Adam and Bethany

We are a husband and wife duo who share a passion for fitness and rock climbing.  Both of us have been personal trainers for 20+ years and utilize our knowledge of biomechanics to ensure we are always loading the body appropriately given each individuals structure and goals. Whether you are seeking to excel at your own sport, rehabilitating an injury, or just looking to achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle, we have you covered. 


We spend our free time rock climbing, always striving to achieve more strength, skill, and mental focus in the sport.  The sport has brought us to Saint George and we enjoy exploring Southern Utah's gorgeous terrain!     


Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT)

MAT® assesses and corrects muscular imbalances, restoring motion and control around joints. Whether through overuse, injury or stress, our muscles can "shut down" causing compensation, tightness and even pain.  MAT® identifies dysfunction at its source, reducing compensations and improving functional strength capabilities.

Personal Training

When it comes to strength training, not every exercise is created equally. We utilize our knowledge in force application to determine appropriate exercises for you during the time of your personal training session. The common goal is to continue to progress to maintain optimal strength and stability resulting in increased performance in many factors of life. 

Climbing Coaching

Whether an advanced climber or new to the sport, we provide instruction, coaching and training so that you can develop the skills, strength and mental focus to excel. We offer training outdoors, remotely, or in a variety of facilities to accommodate your goals.


"Adam and Bethany have kept me going since 2014. When I'm not working 40+ hours/5+ days a week, I'm usually climbing or training.  In the limited time I have, I can't afford to climb or train with imbalances.  But don't take my word for it - Ask anyone else who's done MAT with Adam or Bethany.  Do your self a favor and get an MAT assessment." - Jason

"I trained with Adam Macke for 7-8 years...his MAT training (muscle activation technique), coupled with his sound personal training made him the perfect trainer for me. Chattanooga's loss is St. George's gain!" - Robin

"Bethany - I can not tell you how much I have enjoyed our personal training.  You are always great to understand my goals and really design every session to help me meet those goals of getting stronger.  You always gently push me to go beyond where I think I can be to where you know I can be.  I can definitely tell through my training that everyday tasks such as lifting and moving items, yard work and pretty much any labor intensive tasks are easier with my increased strength and flexibility." - Meredith


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