• Resistance Training Specialist (RTS)
  • Muscle Activation Technique (MAT)
  • American Mountaineer Guide (AMGA)
  • Jumpstart trainer

Adam Macke

I was always into some activity growing up. My dad took me caving when I was only 3 and I had the opportunity to do a little rock climbing when I was young. From there, adventure was always my thing. Throughout school I swam competitively, wrestled, and played baseball. I went to Concord University, majoring in Parks and Recreation, and played Division II baseball. I excelled at not only the sport but also conditioning. In my spare time, I led cave trips and spent some weekends climbing at the New River Gorge.

My first job out of college was being a raft guide on the New River Gorge. This involved tremendous physical activity, coaching, team work, and motivating others. How many times did I have someone “freak out” on the river! After rafting season, I began personal training at Five Seasons Sports Club. I received my Resistance Training Specialist (RTS) certificate and also became a Muscle Activation Technique (MAT) Jumpstart trainer and was the Head Trainer throughout my time at Five Seasons.

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