It is common knowledge that preventative measures are important in life. We wear seat belts, we pay car insurance, and we visit the doctor for regular checkups. Even exercise is a preventative measure, known to lower the risk of heart disease, prevent injury, and keep us feeling fit and strong as we age. As we exercise it is important to periodically assess our neuromuscular system.

It can be easy to get into a routine of the same exercises and not notice compensatory patterns which become present when there are weaknesses or limitations within the muscular system. Often our minds are not focused on these limitations and tend to focus on completion of a workout.

With an MAT, you have an opportunity to determine if there are any areas that need specific attention. If the body is compensating, you may notice the weak rotation, hip motion, etc. Over time you may find it either difficult to perform certain exercise or movement in your sport, you feel tightness, or even pain. Instead of waiting until these symptoms present itself, it is wise to get an MAT checkup to ensure muscles are firing or jumpstart the muscle so that you can continue on progressing through regular workouts.