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When you make the commitment to improving your health and lifestyle, you need a coach and trainer who will we be equally committed to helping you achieve your goals. You are an individual, which means your tolerances to exercise vary from the next person. We understand force and its application to the muscular skeletal system. As a result we are meticulous with our execution and focus on micro-progression. We believe in providing you with a personal training experience unlike any other.

Fitness is a Process not a Program.

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Muscle Activation Technique®



Strength Training

When it comes to strength training, not every exercise is created equally. We utilize our knowledge in force application to determine appropriate exercises for you during the time of your personal training session. The common goal is to continue to progress to maintain optimal strength and stability resulting in increased performance in many factors of life. Our personal training sessions are conducted at local gyms in the St. George, UT. area.


Muscle Activation

Muscle Activation Techniques ® is a bio-mechanical evaluation that identifies limited range of motion and muscular inhibition which is followed by a treatment process to “jumpstart” the muscle to function with maximum efficiency. MAT is a revolutionary approach to treating imbalances and has been successful in restoring motion and control around joints. MAT identifies dysfunction at its source, reducing compensations and improving functional strength capabilities.



St. George, UT. is known for spectacular limestone and easy access to breathtaking cliff lines. Outdoor rock climbing is a great way to explore the outdoors, team build, and enjoy the physical challenge. We provide half day and full day guided trips throughout the year.

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Adam Macke, American Mountain Guides Association Single Pitch Instructor, provides professional climbing instruction and guiding to rock climbers of all ability levels. Guiding may be scheduled for half day or full day trips. There are numerous cliff lines and boulder fields within a short distance from St.George, UT. and are climbable throughout the year.

Get Strong For Your Next Adventure

Whether you are new to rock climbing or an experienced climber interested in increasing skill and strength, we offer strength training, MAT, and guided trips to take you to the next level. Contact us to discuss packages tailored to your climbing objectives and we will combine MAT, strength training and realistic goal setting to help you achieve your goals. Whether you are visiting from out of town or you are a local resident, we can be the pinnacle to your progress.

Reviews & Endorsements

“Adam and Bethany have kept me going since 2014. When I’m not working 40+ hours / 5+ days a week, I’m usually climbing or training. In the limited time I have, I can’t afford to climb or train with muscular imbalances. But don’t take my word for it- Ask anyone else who’s done MAT with Adam or Bethany. Do yourself a favor and get an MAT assessment.”

– Jason Tanner

Reviews & Endorsements

“Bethany-  I cannot tell you how much I have enjoy our personal training sessions.  You are always great to understand my goals and really design every session to help me meet those goals of getting stronger.  You always gently push me to go beyond where I think I can be to where you know I can be. I can definitely tell through my training that everyday task such as lifting and moving items, yard work and pretty much any labor intensive tasks are easier with my increased strength and flexibility.  
– Meredith Crawford

Training Tips

Why You Need an MAT Checkup

It is common knowledge that preventative measures are important in life. We wear seat belts, we pay car insurance, and we visit the doctor for regular checkups. Even exercise is a preventative measure, known to lower the risk of heart disease, prevent injury, and keep us feeling fit and strong as we age. As we exercise it is important to periodically assess our neuromuscular system.

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How to Stretch Safely

The concept of stretching is important for almost everyone in the health and fitness industry. Stretching tends to be prescribed for anyone regardless of goals or proper assessments. What is interesting is that there are many individuals who do constantly stretch but never seem to make any improvements in their flexibility or continue to feel muscle or joint tightness. Perhaps it could be the type of stretching that is being practiced? Perhaps there is one change to the style of stretching that could improve flexibility and also be safe at the same time.

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3 Reasons Climbers Need to Train Lower Body

We always here that climbers should train fingers, upper body and core. The lower body tends to be neglected. Is it for fear of adding too much muscle mass? Maybe it’s because the typical climbing gym doesn’t have much equipment available for training the lower body? More likely it’s because strength training for climbing is relatively new and various aspects of training have not received much focus. If you are not already training lower body, here are 3 reasons you should start.

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We believe fitness is a lifestyle... At Macke Fitness, we aim to build a process that doesn't leave you with questions, but functional and specific approach to sustainable improvements. Contact us today to find out how we can help you achieve your goals.

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